London Diorama

London Diorama

A MAN in the shadows furtively stepping in and out of full view, paddling in the pools of light but afraid of diving in at the deep end.
UV PØP’s approach to his music is similarly guarded, accessible melodies camouflaged under a mesh of backing tape distractions and vocal effects.
An audience of nodding donkeys divide their attention between the introvert onstage and the egomaniac portrayed on a (literally) silver screen high above the lone guitarist.
A series of random images alternate with countless snaps of Mr. Pop himself - the giraffe-necked Northerner must spend half his life in front of a camera. (For God’s sake don’t say ‘cheese’ - no smiles allowed, remember ?)
U V veers from the intense (‘Happens To Me’, ‘Anyone For Me’ - that ego again!) to the caustic (‘Sleep Don’t Talk’) and the marvellous single.
But not matter how heavily disguised and distorted the presentation, and despite the title track of his album ‘No Songs Tomorrow’, the man does justice to the ‘Pop’ part of his monicker with his real songs played with real feeling.
Don’t let UV PØP’s records slip through your slop-soiled fingers. Here is a man who can tell his elbow from his arse, and more power to it!