UV POP - The Limit

New Musical Express, 25th September 1982

The Limit, Sheffield

SHEFFIELD IS like a concrete blanket; it is also the home of cutlery, cheap bus fares and ABC. For these reasons alone Sheffield is an innocuous town; poor, decaying and absolutely devoid of culture. At The Limit club the story is very much the same, except for the fact that the club has let something a bit creepy crawl into the bed. In this Steel Town the stage has been set for Ĺthe night of the long knivesĺ - an evening with The Danse Society ...
Under the grey blanket the heat is sweating up: UV PěP is like a silicon chip; small, unassuming but capable of many wonders.
Pre-programmed tapes, guitar and slide show are used in an intense detonation of sights and sounds that leaves you fishing for fragments of the set, catching the occasional snippet of conversation, the askew flicker of a new slide on the screen.
Words, not pictures, become the pivotal point in the eveningĺs performance, a quote that pulls back the Sheffield blanket and allows us to see what was happening in the bedclothes so late at night. UV PěP may not be spiteful or grotesque but he owes himself to his tapes and slides; without these slaves/masters the set would fail and the image disappear.