UV POP / The Keep

UV PØP, The Keep

Duchess of York, 21st July
The vocalist with The Keep sings from his boots which, unfortunately, the P.A. guys had omitted to mike-up. A vague lowing, (as in ‘the cattle are...’), from somewhere on stage and paper bag trash sounding drums still did not fully detract from the power The Keep keep burning in their rock ‘n’ roll loins. As one of their two managers I should be horsewhipped for continuously making them do support gigs at The Duchess; (then again lads there’s always ‘The Twilight Square’,)... (mass trembling in boots).

UV PØP used to be a solo concern featuring the talents of one John White. These talents come to the fore on a new album release entitled ‘Bendy Baby Man’ on ‘Extra Music’ and in the shops now! Both record and live performance, tonight supplemented by a full band line-up, exhibit a melancholy atmosphere tinged with an underlying sense of humour which prevents moroseness setting in. Lyrics are enunciated like slogans and sung, at times with an acidity and wit which makes one ponder on the stodgy cliches thrown up by the numerous sixth form poets proliferating in local bands. Instant comparisions can be dangerous I know but here goes anyway: In the brittle and caustic ‘Northern Lad’ persona exhibited on and off stage combined with his strong writing style I would compare Mr. U.V. with Bill Nelson. In the arrangements of the songs and particularly the guitar sound The Cure are a band which spring to mind.
In a music scene seemingly dominated by bands taking Led Zep and Deep Purple as their new found mentors it was refreshing tonight to witness a band with a little more sophistication. Check out the album a.s.a.p.

John MacHenth