Imminent 2

LP Various Artists - Imminent 2
1986 - Food LTD - Bite Two

A1 Kill Ugly Pop - Church of Bloody Deception
A2 Biting Tongues - The Boss Toyota Trouble
U.V. PP - Zuitar
A4 Gasrattle - Beach Party
A5 Recipe - Homes Over
A6 Living In Texas - Hate Me More II
B1 Shock Headed Peters - Head Thorax Abdomen
B2 400 Blows - Strangeways
B3 Sting-Rays - Never Had It So Good
B4 Hula - Bad Blood (Instant Plasma Mix)
B5 Deep Freeze Mice - Here Comes The Sun Exploding
B6 Zidiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction - Drug Shoes

Midlands Man. U.V. PP fronted by John K. White
Several releases develop the moody, abrasive edge of
a primal Cabaret Voltaire Sound. Sax-driven with feedback.