Press Release


He´s the world´s smallest big-band. More extreme than Howard Jones, more byte-high fun than Thomas Dolby. John White overdubs on life itself.

A slight white boy with guitar, saxophone, and Revox; and the gift of sound and vision.

Sometimes, it´s possible to dance to a drum-machine, AND retain that Human Touch.

The debut U.V.PØP album is available now on ´Flowmotion Records´,(through the ´Red Rhino Cartel´). It´s called "No Songs Tomorrow", and presents eleven new black bands, five in one hand, six in the other.

On side two there´s a track called "Commitment", and it´s commitment that´s driven John from his native Doncaster to play with innumerable bands; he toured Italy with Artery, he played alongside ex-Fall girl Yvonne Pawlett in Shy Tots, he guests (with Roger Quayle of Box) on David Harrow´s Red Flame LP "The Succession", and he recorded a Pax 12" with I Scream Brothers under the watchful production eye of Cabaret Voltaire. It was that same commitment that drove him to automate all side-men out of existence, and reconstruct his home into an entire self-contained recording studio, to ensure his own total control over the U.V.PØP vision.

To John White, all sound is there to be abused !

Stand up - I feel like being a drum machine !

1983 brought an Indie Top Ten hit with his Pax single "No Songs Tomorrow" c/w "Just A Game" (´Soundmaker´/´Rough Trade´ chart April 1983). It also brought a furious gig schedule on bills with Danse Society, Patrik Fitzgerald, Nico, and Culture Club. A one-man storm in a life-support system of fast-flickering slides, tight-coiling tapes tense and intense, and cleanly splintering guitar runs.

1984 brings the first album, and if "No Songs Tomorrow" (Flowmotion FM 004) can´t unhinge your mind, then you ain´t got no hinges. John White works alone. He gets some rumble hi-hat from D. Bloom on the busy instrumental "Hafun kiddies", some words and voice-over from ´counter-culture guru´ (´Zig-Zag´ magazine) Andy Darlington on the atheist provocation "Psalm", and some lay-out touches from ´In The Nursery´ Expressionist Klive Humberstone; but the sound´s all down to John White. The single is there (re-recorded) on the more melodic song-structured first side; alongside the nerve-stripping stage stand-out "Sleep don´t Talk" on a more experimental second side which takes the intelligent manipulation of pure sound to the limits. It runs through "Arcade Fun" to culminate in the chilling "Four Minute Warning".

Just when you thought you´d seen it/heard it all - U.V.PØP takes it FURTHER !

No Songs Tomorrow?

No, this is just the beginning.

Hafun Kiddies!